Marketing A Seasoned Business

As a business owner you know it’s very easy to get so involved in the day to day operation that you may overlook many of the marketing assets that are just waiting to be leveraged into profits.

Your marketing assets may take many different forms but once they are identified they can be deployed to grow your profits. Often a business is sitting on $10,000 to $1,000,000 in bottom line profits!

Do you have some of these in your business?
  • Past customers
  • Special knowledge or expertise
  • Websites and online presence
  • Unique products or services
  • Under performing sales people
  • Advertising that doesn’t get results
  • Present customers
  • Relationships with other businesses
  • An average unit sales amount
  • Back end products or services
  • Community reputation
  • Prospective customers
  • Staff expertise
  • Quality products
  • Low closing ratios
  • Competition
  • Marketing efforts that fall flat

Many of these may not look like assets but they are!

Or are you making any of these common marketing mistakes?
  • Not promoting your U.S.P. or E.V.P.
  • Running ineffective image advertising
  • Cutting prices on the front end with no back end marketing plan
  • Not testing all components of your marketing
  • Not using effective headlines
  • Building only on one or two marketing pillars
  • Not using joint ventures
  • Do your ads “tease and titillate”instead of “teach and educate”?

If so, then you have a wealth of marketing assets. The System 4 Marketing System will help you to identify, and re-deploy these assets in a way that will give you dramatic growth increases without having to invest a lot of money or without having to make a lot of time consuming changes in your business.

Whether you are growing, stagnant or declining your hidden marketing assets can be put into action!

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