Four Interlocking Steps That Grow Your Profits

This isn’t advertising as usual, far from it. The Strategy 4 Marketing Method is composed of 4 integrated marketing projects custom designed to grow your profits in the most efficient way possible.

But why the steps?
Why not just start building your brand?
Why not just write some ads or start by doing your website?
Because it would be a serious disservice to you.

Without a proper sustainable marking foundation you are wasting money.

Without a proper foundation marketing is at best hit or miss, at its worst a deadly cash drain.

Profits are what count! 

Without profits a business can’t survive…

Have you ever met someone who swears up and down that they've tried advertising and it doesn't work? It's because they did not have a proper marketing foundation on which to start to build their message. And there is no shortage of opportunity to spend your hard earned resources on advertising. The Four Steps of this system ensure that your marketing isn't done in vain. 
Each step builds and interlocks to the next generating an incredibly strong marketing strategy.

Improvement Guaranteed - Stamp on Red Wax Seal.

During full implementation of the system each step will be executed for a fee and your results are GUARANTEED.
Yes Guaranteed! If all of the recommended projects are completed and you fully implement the marketing tools designed for you, your success will be guaranteed.
In other words, all fees paid will be completely paid from increased revenue and profit generated with in a year. If not we will continue to work the system for you at no charge until your investment in the Strategy 4 Marketing System is fully covered.



Strategy Project #1

Standing Out From The Crowd
Standing Out From The Crowd

Differentiate– You must stand out from every other choice available in your market. This is the U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition) or E.V.P. (Extra Value Proposition) Project. This is the foundation of the system that makes all other marketing efforts more effective and more efficient. With proper differentiation you can attract more the right type of prospects and just as importantly deter the wrong prospects.

Attempting any marketing efforts without a proper U.S.P. Foundation is incredibly ineffective, can be futile and very dangerous. Buying advertising and marketing without differentiating is like throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks. 

Why? Because the world has changed. We have choices as consumers. If we perceive two choices in the marketplace as the same the easiest way to make a choice is through price. That’s why the most common questions are, “What do you charge?” or “How much is?”

No one is confused or fuzzy on why they walked into a Walmart store, or a Brooks Brothers. When you order from Dominos you expect fast hot pizza delivered not an authentic artisan Italian cuisine experience.

A proper USP explains to prospective customers why they should do business with you instead of your competition. Giving you a an incredible competitive advantage in your marketplace. Your USP can also act as a deterrent repelling your undesirable prospects saving you wasted time and money.

During the 1st Marketing project we go deep to differentiate you in your marketplace.

The USP Project includes:

  1. A focus group is conducted with you and your staff in order to gain your perspective of your USP.
  2. A random cross sample of your past and current clients are contacted and invited to share why they choose to do business with you. (It is often different than what the owner’s believe the reason is.)
  3. Competitive analysis of your key competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses and see where your opportunities are.
  4. A Unique Selling Proposition is designed from the compiled information gained from you, your clients and your competition.

Strategy Project #2

magnifying glass
Integrating your marketing message


Integration– Once we have uncovered your differentiating essence we develop ways to infuse it into all current touches with the public making them more effective. Consider every touch you have with the public; websites, invoices, signage, sales letters, direct mail, social media, the way your business phone is answered, etc. Each touch that you are already doing encompasses your current marketing situation. The way the phone is answered can raise or lower closing ratios. With your U.S.P. or E.V.P. every touch will be more effective in attracting the right prospects and deterring the wrong prospects. 

The integration project includes:

  1. An in depth look at all current marketing online and off including websites, print ads, signage and touches with the public.
  2. Recommendations will be made on how to infuse your USP into your current marketing to help improve response rate making your marketing more effective.

Strategy Project #3

Gold is waiting for you!


Database– Working with your former, current and prospective clients to increase revenue. Often businesses overlook their greatest asset; their client base. The goal of the database project is increase the number of repeat purchases from your former, current and prospective clients. Working with all three of these groups on an ongoing basis can yield incredible increases in revenue that are usually never explored let alone capitalized on and implemented.

The database project includes:

  1. Identification and segmentation of clients by past, current and perspective.
  2. Identify all possible reactivation sales and cross selling opportunities within your business. (Other Products and Additional Services)
  3. Identify possible back end selling opportunities after the original purchase.
  4. Develop initial offers and a three year follow up strategy to stay in touch and communicate with customer groups.
  5. Craft letters and emails and follow up phone calls.

Strategy Project #4


Business hand shake
Building relationships to build profits


Strategic Marketing Alliances

This form of marketing is incredibly profitable because we will be leveraging relationship assets already in place with clients, other businesses, and possibly vendor and suppliers. The goal is to establish relationships with complementary but noncompeting businesses to create joint marketing efforts to leverage their client base and expose your client base to theirs. This is truly a win for both businesses as both can gain clients incredibly affordably through offers and endorsements.

The strategic marketing alliance project includes:

  1. Create a consistent system for identifying and gaining new alliance partners.
  2. Meet with potential alliance prospects and set up the alliance.
  3. Design letters and cross promotion material in accordance with your industry regulations.

What’s your first step?

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