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A one time investment can change everything!

For less than the price of another hit or miss advertising attempt the fast start strategy session can radically change your business!


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Dear Friend,

If you’re ready to seriously increase cash flow in your business,

make sales easier, smash your competition in as little as 90 days and supercharge your business; this might be the most important information you’ve ever read. Here’s why…


 The Strategy 4 Marketing Fast Start can be the change you are looking for.


 Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in the Fast Start Strategy 4 Marketing Session:

  • The Extra Cash That Is Hiding In Your Business Right Now (It’s Waiting For You. Most Businesses Never Get To It)
  • How To Position Your Business (So You Don’t Ever Have To Compete On Price)
  • How To Test Advertising Online And Off (So You’ll Never Get Ripped Off Again)
  • The Best And Easiest Painless Ways To Add More Cash To Each Sale
  • How You Can Work With Non Competing Businesses (And Add A Flood Of New Customers)
  • Identify The Gaps In Your Competition’s Advertising (You May Be Able To Use It To Your Advantage)
  • How Little Changes To Your Website Can Make It Actually Sell For You (Most Websites Look Pretty But Fall Short When It Comes To Helping You Make The Sale)

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover when you sign up for your $299 Fast Start Strategy 4 Marketing Session.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss This Opportunity

Reason One: I’ve been a small business owner for 20 years and I know what it’s like to spend money on advertising without results. The Strategy 4 Marketing method is based on marketing systems that have more than a 20 year track record of helping large corporations and big and small businesses. I’ve streamlined the marketing process in the Strategy 4 Marketing method to give all businesses a powerful advantage over their competition both big and small.

Reason Two: Your $299 investment in the Strategy 4 Fast Start isn’t just another marketing or advertising expense. It is an investment. An investment in your business and in your future. After your Strategy 4 Marketing Session, you’ll see marketing differently forever!  You’ll never again be an easy mark for useless advertising and marketing that only makes the one’s selling it rich. (You’ll never have to advertise out of desperation or fear again!)

Reason Three:  You wouldn’t be reading this unless you had a real reason to succeed. Maybe it’s a husband or wife you want to make proud. Give your children a better life. Heck maybe there’s someone’s face you’d love to rub your success in. And that’s OK… And there’s a thousand other reasons for you to have… When there’s more money coming in your business and life run a heck of a lot smoother. The fact is you don’t get anything extra for doing it the hard way. The Strategy 4 Marketing method can help.

Now you absolutely don’t need to learn about an actual step by step strategy for marketing that can add serious profits into your business, a step by step strategy to it make your life easier… You have alternatives of course-  

You can keep doing things the way you’re doing them and hope for a different outcome.hairpull You can wait for the economy to ramp up where no one cares about spending money… (Don’t hold your breath) You can sink thousands into fancy websites and online promotions that look pretty but don’t actually generate sales for you. And you can do nothing and hope the other guy goes out of business first.



chart_ladyYou can schedule your $299 Fast Start Strategy 4 Marketing Session now and see where there is more money hidden in your business.  You can implement an actual strategy for your marketing that won’t only change your business but may change just your life!  

What if you could work less and actually bring in more profits? What if you could repel the prospects who drain you and your company’s energy like blood sucking leeches. You can!  And there is a step by step system.

An Actual Strategy For Marketing

Strategy  4 Marketing

You’ll have a serious advantage over your competition. While they’re trying to figure out how you’ve taken market share away from them you could be enjoying life, working less and making more! 

Look, most business owners treat their advertising as a trip to casino. They try a machine over here or throw the dice there waiting for that big payoff that seldom comes. There’s a lot of people wandering around in there losing good money. Let’s face it like the casinos, traditional advertising is set up to make money for the house. The casino wants you to keep spending money in their machines and traditional advertising very often acts the same way. Things get really bad when we advertise out of fear or panic.


Ever hear of the rule of Seven? The rule of seven states that someone needs to see your ad at least seven times before they take action and make a call, or stop in etc. But what does the rule of seven actually do? laughing_guyThat rule was designed to keep you running ads, radio, t.v. and now online. And it’s generally accepted by most people. Traditional advertising can be a money pit that drains your resources. Let’s just be thankful they never called it the rule or 10 or 17!

But what if there was one machine in that casino that if you put in a nickel would continue to give back quarters? Would you keep using that machine? Sure you would! And that’s what it can be like when you have an actual marketing strategy.atm

Schedule your Fast Start Strategy 4 Marketing Session Now by calling (845) 430-0015 

But what is the Strategy 4 Marketing Method?

Putting it simply the Strategy 4 Marketing method is a series of four marketing projects researched and designed specifically for your business needs. Each project reinforces the last to build a solid marketing foundation. You’ll have a game plan that works, designed to achieve your goals.

What the Strategy 4 Marketing Method isn’t-

It’s not a fix for bad business or con artists.zootguy3

You’ll still have to do the work. It doesn’t fix stupid or lazy. But let’s face it the stupid and lazy ones wouldn’t have read this far into the sales page.

The Strategy 4 Marketing Method isn’t a book of tickets that you keep paying for. Once your strategy is created it’s yours! Keep it running in the background and turn it up or down as you need it.

I’m not selling you advertising. I’m not pushing social media, content marketing, or the next online platform that is supposed to change the way you get business.  I’m not on any quota to make the sale. I know your business is important to you. You have so much riding on it that work a day hourly and salary people will never understand.

Most employees of large media companies will tell you they know it’s tough out there.
But they’ve never actually been there. And the solutions they are pushing for you have to be viewed through that lens. Perhaps the solutions they are pushing on you this time can bring you waves of highly qualified and motivated prospective clients ready to buy. Or maybe you’ll actually hear the cash being sucked away from you again without much to show for it except the burning desire to not get fooled again.


But what if there is a way to make that media work for you? Maybe there is a way to make it profitable. With the knowledge you gain through the Fast Start Strategy 4 Marketing Session you’ll know for sure if the advertising vehicle you are considering is right for you and if it fits your marketing goals. And how to make it work into your Marketing Strategy.


Schedule Today

And if you choose to go forward with the fully implemented Strategy 4 Marketing Projects your $299 investment in the Marketing Fast Start is counted towards your first project! But the insights you gain from the Marketing Fast Start will change the way you see marketing forever!

Call (845)430-0015 Now and Schedule.

It’s one marketing investment you won’t regret!




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