There’s More Money In Your Business

If you’re open to some new ideas about marketing; we can explode your profits!

Whether you’re already doing well, or if you’re struggling, it’s important to continually discover new strategies that will help you grow bigger and better.

“The Strategy 4 Marketing Method is all about growing your profits by spending as little money as possible.”

Isn’t that refreshing?

Supercharge Your Marketing!

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This isn’t Web Design, Social Media, Branding, Content Marketing, etc. etc. etc.

Let’s Really GROW Your Business! 

By making small improvements we can explode your profits!

Traditional advertising online and off is primarily focused on getting you more prospective customers. But the Strategy 4 Marketing System goes so much deeper.

*Example of the exponential growth of this system and how it can work for you whether you are in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, hospitality or in a professional field

Let’s say you have-

100 Prospects with a closing ratio of 10% at an average sale of $100 yields $1000

100 x 10% = 10 x 100 = 1000

But what if you could make small improvements of just 10% to each area with a fully integrated marketing system?

We now have-

110 Prospects with a closing ratio of 20% at an average sale of $110 yields $2420!

110 x 20% = 22 x 110 = 2420

Now this is an example of course, but can you see how just small improvements in each area can add to your bottom line profits?  What if we got just 10% of your customers to buy twice a year instead of once? What if we get them to refer some friends? And what if we designed tools to reactivate your past customers? What if we found you ways to broaden your customer base without spending more money?

What if you were doing all these things at the same time? What would your business look like?

The Strategy 4 Marketing Method grows your business 3 ways simultaneously

1. More of the right prospects!

(Why spend good money to get in front of people who aren’t likely to buy from you?)

2. Increased conversion rates!

(What good is getting people to inquire if you don’t close the sale?)

3. Greater value of each sale!

(Let’s start looking at the lifetime value of each customer. What other services or products do they need that you can provide? What about referrals?)

Strategy 4 Marketing

online, off-line for your bottom line!

This System is designed to grow YOUR profits!

Marketing an existing business is far different than marketing a new business.

*Market Your Existing Business

*Market Your New Business

Happy business group

This isn’t advertising and marketing as usual. 

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